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Collaborations with Artists Wayne Nelsen

25th September 2014 By DK

Artist Wayne Nelson has interpreted Deborah’s poem, “Grief,” and an excerpt from “Grace,” in two arresting new videos available on his YouTube channel

Both poems are read by Deborah, with music by Bill Reichelt.

An excerpt from “Grace” (featuring Deborah’s collage art)

Poem by Deborah Keenan from “The Only Window That Counts,” published by New Rivers Press. Collages by Deborah Keenan. Music by Bill Reichelt. Animation by Wayne Nelsen. 



Poem by Deborah Keenan, from The Only Window That Counts, published by New Rivers Press. Music by Bill Reichelt. Animation by Wayne Nelsen.




Reading September 14

14th June 2014 By DK

On September 14th, Sunday, at 2 p.m., there will be a publication reading for so she had the world, with Susan Solomon’s
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New Collages Added

5th June 2014 By DK

Visit the artist page to see some
new collages, from 2013 and 2014. I wanted to add some of the new work I’ve been doing.

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