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looking for home: women writing about exile


Looking for Home: Women Writing About Exile. Milkweed Editions, 1990. Editor, with Roseann Lloyd.

Co-editor, with Roseanne Lloyd.

Winner of the 1991 American Book Award for multicultural literature.

“This is a collection to carry in your suitcase, to turn to again and again for validation. It is a kind of contemporary Book of Common Prayer…”

— Victoria Amador, The Bloomsbury Review

“One of the most important poetry anthologies to be published in years, Looking for Home: Women Writing About Exile is the next, necessary book to read. ..Editors Deborah Keenan and Roseann Lloyd have chosen poems written by women across the nation–women who often speak English as a second or even a fifth language, women who have been exiled from countries or families, …women driven away by war or famine or fascism of all sorts–and have put these poems in a book which speaks, strangely enough, less about losing life than about finding it, about naming what is real and then holding onto it…”

— Natalie Kusz, Minnesota Women’s Press

“Deborah Keenan and Roseann Lloyd, editors of Looking for Home: Women Writing About Exile, began with an interest in bilingual poetry by women living in America…but they soon discovered …that women poets have many interpretations of home and exile. As a result there are few poems about political flight here; exile is used as a metaphor for the American female experience itself. Stories of immigration share the book with stories of forced exile, loss of the mother tongue, escape from restrictive American communities or abusive homes, recovery from addiction, assertions of sexuality.”

–Julia Lisella, The Village Voice


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